Tracks - Plan a pathway to reflect your discipleship or leadership journey with support from a mentor

Track (noun) - a rough path or road, usually one that has not been built but that has been made by people walking there. 

In Tracks you can navigate the learning experiences in 2 ways:

1. Our themes

Influenced by the Seven Areas of Transforming Church, which has always had its heart in local parishes, our themes are available to help guide your learning in Tracks. The modules in Tracks have been developed to grow churches at the heart of each community, that’s your community!

2. Our tags

Influenced by the 8 Dimensions of Ministry, our tags are available to help guide your learning on Pathways & can also be found on the right hand side in the Tags block. 

administration     children     children's work    coaching    
connectivity     discipleship     evangelism
finance     flex     formation     leadership     governance
Ministry of the Sacraments     Ministry of the Word
mission     nurturing community     pastoral care
     prayer     witness     worship     
young people    youth     youth work
Already registered for a Path to or Way of? You can choose modules in Tracks which extend your learning.