The Pathways Learning Platform (PLP) has been developed to provide accessible and flexible opportunities to learn on your own and with others. 

You may need to fit your learning around your family or a caring role, combine with a job or work around your ministry commitments.

You may be embarking on a journey towards new ministry or leadership, exploring ways of living out your faith in the community or parish where you live or considering how you can serve as a follower of Jesus.

You may find it better to learn from home or you may want to learn with others either virtually or gathered in person, to reflect personally or with friends.

However you learn best and wherever God has called you, we hope that Pathways provides an opportunity for you to explore your gifts and ministry.

This space is for CofE Bham Staff only and has been designed to support those working with Pathways in the absence of the Pathways Learning Engagement Officer in 2022

If you have any queries about Pathways do contact the team on: