Hello & welcome to the pathway Ministry & Mission with Children, Families & Young People also referred to as Flex!

Here you will find the learning experiences that we think are absolutely key for any people involved in ministry and mission with children, families & young people, particularly those involved in the Birmingham context.

In addition to the learning experiences here you will also be expected to take part in the Foundations modules Unconscious Bias, Intercultural Awareness & Safeguarding. Currently Safeguarding is not hosted by the Pathways Learning Platform, please visit the CofE Birmingham website to access Safeguarding training

Although there are only a few modules here in the core pathway there are so many more living in the Tracks part of the Pathways Learning Platform. You can find these by visiting Tracks and browsing or alternatively by using the tags #youthwork #childrenswork #children #youngpeople #youth

If you have any questions about the Ministry & Mission with Children, Families & Young People - FLEX pathway, please do get in touch with the team.

A photograph of Emma Sargeant

Emma Sargeant

Growing Younger Advisor


A photograph of Adam Larkin

Adam Larkin

Youth Development Worker


If you have any queries about the Pathways Learning Platform please check out the Setting Out space.

This is a space where you can chose to take time to reflect, take stock and create a plan for the future of your children’s, families, and youth work. There are several options open to you tailored to different areas of children’s and youth work.

This space has been designed for you to reflect on your journey as you take part in the Flex pathway. With focuses on why you have chosen this pathway, why you set out to focus on mission and ministry with children, families & young people, what you would like to achieve and what you are learning as you go.

This module offers the opportunity to really look at why we do do youth work and the Transforming Church objectives.

This module offers an insight into the world of young people, their thinking and feelings around questions such as how they like to spend their free time, what their dreams are for the future and who God is to them.

Talking faith in a multi-faith context – equipping young people.