About Pathways

Pathways offers fresh ways of learning for those who want to grow as disciples and opens new paths to fruitful lay and ordained leadership. 

Learning within pathways combines the experience of working with a mentor with a wide range of learning opportunities (in person and online) accessible via the pathways learning platform (PLP).

Pathways, mentoring and coaching

We know there are people in every parish who have gifts and skills which can be developed and encouraged for serving Christ but are not quite sure where to start. Having a mentor or a coach can make all the difference. 

Within Pathways you can work with a mentor or coach to

  • Help you discern the opportunities that best  fit interests, calling and circumstances.
  • Continue your learning journey alongside someone  who is dedicated to your development in discipleship and ministry.

Alternatively, if you are in an oversight ministry leadership role, or about to transition into a new leadership role, then you may want to meet with a trained coach to gain some insights and move forward in your thinking about your leadership. 

Interested in becoming a Mentor or Coach?

We also offer the opportunity to become a mentor or coach yourself; enabling you to grow committed disciples who will in turn grow others. On our coaching pathway you will learn the skills and confidence to have more transformational conversations; learning the least you need to know to have deep and simple conversations. 

Why not begin with Coaching 101, an hour long introduction to some valuable tools. Or talk to us about our mentor training, designed to equip you to walk alongside others in their learning journey.

Get in touch

Mentoring: Contact Penny Harrison ( PennyH@cofebirmingham.com )

Coaching: Contact our coaching Lead, Mark Bennett (MarkBennett@cofebirmingham.com )

Alternatively, you can contact the Pathways Team (Pathways@cofebirmingham.com), we would love to hear from you.

The Pathways Team

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Gillian Sheail

Pathways Manager

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Mark Bennett

Coaching Lead

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Sam Hudson

Learning Engagement Officer

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Penny Harrison

Mentoring Co-Ordinator

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Rose Wilson

Admin Support Officer

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