Reader Ministry

God calls some people to teach, enable and lead others into a closer walk of discipleship as friends and followers of Jesus Christ.

Such people have a lived-in faith that speaks of God’s love with authenticity and integrity.

Such people are very different (from diverse backgrounds and life experiences) and have a wide variety of gifts.

Such people are rooted in everyday life but also ‘read’ the world around them, intentionally looking for God at work in the everyday.

In the Church of England, such people sometimes find a pathway into Reader Ministry. Readers in the Church of England Birmingham are committed followers of Jesus who discover they are:

  • Skilled Teachers of Faith - through learning and experience
  • Enablers of Mission – naturally drawing others into the adventure of authentic Christian living and outward loving service
  • Leaders in Church and Society – by influencing and shaping the world around them through distinctively Christian insights and faithfulness.

A Reader is licensed by the Bishop to be a public representative minister in their parish or chaplaincy or place or work or life. They preach and teach, lead worship and intercessions, they lead small groups or large missional projects, they encourage others to have a go at serving God in the church and community, they work collaboratively with other people who might be ordained or not. A Reader is always learning new things of God. Could you be a Reader too?