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This course aims to explore the everyday choices we make based on our perceptions, attitudes, and stereotypes. Unconscious biases (e.g. based on gender, race, ability, appearance, mannerisms and other characteristics) can lead to preferential treatment of some people and lowered expectations of others. Awareness of our thoughts and actions can enable us to support greater fairness in a diverse society and a more generous, collaborative, and inspirational church.

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A resource for the local church which wants to grow in being intercultural in life and mission, putting into practice the beautiful life of God's diverse and rich church and creation.

Are you dealing with tricky issues in your church or community? Would you like to explore some simple biblical principles about how to discuss difficult things well? We live at a time when people are divided more than ever before. The world, society, and the church can feel complex and divided. Do you want to be involved in being part of bringing reconciliation?

Difference is a five-session course that equips you to explore differences in a way that can bring genuine and healing change in everyday encounters.