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Exercises and tools designed to help you deepen and increase your connection with God, through your everyday life.

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A chance to hear from parents who are living out faith at Home, with its highs and lows and how their insights can help you shape the support and ministry you do in your church context around faith at home.

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The mindful space is a space for you to consider new ways of thinking about yourself, the world around you, and the people in your context.
A space to immerse, to explore, to experience through video, audio and the written word – in a new way.
A space to think, reflect, be challenged.
A space to be led by the Sprit and be transformed in your thinking and actions.
Helping you to prepare for what God is calling you to.

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My Faith, My Story - Helping young people share their faith story.
How can we help young people become more confident in sharing their faith with friends, and particularly with friends from different faith backgrounds? This short course looks at a simple model that many people have found really helpful in giving them the ideas and confidence of how to talk about faith in a multi-religious context.
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The Way of Servant-Leadership is an eight session course, delivered through monthly three hour sessions, with a one day retreat, and the opportunity to be mentored for discipleship. The course is for anyone who wants to become better at influencing others well, in a Christlike way, whether in church, or in community.