Topic outline

  • Are you dealing with tricky issues in your church or community? Would you like to explore some simple biblical principles about how to discuss difficult things well? We live at a time when people are divided more than ever before. The world, society, and the church can feel complex and divided. Do you want to be involved in being part of bringing reconciliation?

    Difference Course is for anyone who wants to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. It has never been more timely.

    It is easy to follow, accessible, and packed with stories. It is not for experts, just ordinary people who believe that following Jesus means helping us understand each other better.

    Difference is a five-session course that equips you to explore differences in a way that can bring genuine and healing change in everyday encounters.

    We live in a world which is complex and divided – from global conflict to our own relationships. That’s why Archbishop Justin Welby has brought together leading thinkers and peacemakers to create Difference – a five-session course that explores how we can follow Jesus in our everyday encounters. The programme equips people to cross divides, navigate disagreement and pursue a just and flourishing world.

    Lasting change happens when we allow God to shape who we are and the values we live by. That’s why Difference is about formation – discovering and building new patterns of thinking, speaking, praying and acting.

    Archbishop Justin Welby’s vision is for the Church to be a reconciling presence in the midst of conflict. Deeply drawing on Jesus’ encounters in the Gospels and the wisdom of expert peacemakers, the course equips people with three habits with the potential to transform everyday relationships.

    • Be Curious - Listen to others’ stories and see the world through their eyes.
    • Be Present - Encounter others with authenticity and confidence.
    • Reimagine - Finding hope and opportunity in the places where we long to see change.